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A reusable placemat that's meant to be doodled upon. This all-cotton mat is printed with black and white line drawings awaiting an artist's finishing touch. The illustrations depict a lively scene of trucks and cars on the road and hard at work, and the reverse side features a timeline of cars throughout history. Little motor vehicle enthusiasts will recognize their favorites and will delight in using the gridded, blank space for drawing a car of their own creation. Each mat comes with a pack of 10 felt tip markers that wash right out, so you can start fresh and recolor the mat time and time again. All come packaged in a tiny tote bag, making it ideal for travel, day trips, or bringing along to family gatherings.

100% cotton; 10 wash-out felt tip markers
13" l x 18" w
Wash in warm water to remove ink; allow to air dry before reusing
See packaging for further care details