Yvette Unicorn Doll

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Friendship is magic. What’s even more magical than friendship? Friendship with a magical creature! Yvette is the perfect friend for every boy and girl who loves dancing, prancing, and mythical creatures! Yvette is a world renowned dancer, her discipline and loyalty to the arts make her an honest and fierce friend to everyone! Watch Yvette pirouette and pliè all day while you play! She is a soft and gentle friend with a sweet sense of style. Yvette loves her springinspired ensemble. Her favorite thing to wear is her purple tutu and matching pointe shoes. Her leotard is bright and floral, which inspires some of her happiest interpretive dances! She has a small pink ribbon around her neck, a classic accent piece. Her cheeks are bright pink, her lashes long, and her curly blonde hair may have been bleached one too many times, but it looks glamorous and grand, so we don’t judge. Her shimmering silver horn reminds us that this little dancer is completely unique! Bring this special creature home today for the most magical friendship ever!