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Convincing your child to surrender to bath time is a real struggle for many parents and nannies. Whether your child complains of getting shampoo in their eyes, or takes issues with the water temperature, bath toys are a great way to distract your little one long enough to get them clean. Who knows, they may even have a little bit of fun in the process!

Norman & Jules provides engaging and creative toys that are perfect for young children who want to have fun in the water. Our toys also help ease the anxiety of parents who worry they are not providing the safest option for their child’s play. When you consider for a moment the toys your child currently plays with in the tub, you may realize that some are made from cheap plastic and could potentially be harmful if a part was swallowed. Made from heavy-duty natural rubber, and no holes that can trap mold, parents can rest assured that children will not be able to chew off parts and potentially swallow the pieces of their bathtub toys. With this peace of mind, parents and nannies can relax during bath time, taking comfort in the fact that their child is playing with a toy that poses no threat.

We carry inventory from beloved brands including Begin Again, Oli & Carol, Plan Toys, among other favorite brands. Our toys can be easily gripped by even the smallest hands and are safe for infants and toddlers to use in the water. Our inventory includes favorites such as the Diver Bathtub Pal and the Natural Rubber Car Bath Toy, which have no holes or valves, keeping water, bacteria, and mold out! With high quality materials used to make each toy, your child will be able to enjoy their favorite bath toys during their nightly ritual. Additionally, Normal & Jules carries toys that are easy to clean and can air dry quickly immediately after bath time.

If you find yourself fighting the kids on your nightly bath time ritual, perhaps it’s time to add a new set of toys into the mix. Ask any parent and he or she will tell you that often times all a child needs to relax is a simple distraction!



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