Watching your child’s cognitive, physically, and emotional growth can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent. Knowing how to support that growth can be daunting for parents who worry if they are doing it all right. Norman & Jules has an inventory of high quality, eco-friendly toys that will facilitate learning and development among young children as they master sensory, fine motor, and gross motor skills. We are intentional about the brands carry, offering toys that will encourage your child’s curiosity and creativity, while also having fun!

How can toys foster learning and development? Young children learn to express themselves through play, building confidence as they use an object to solve problems or express themselves to others. Through repetitive actions, children begin to understand simple concepts such as cause and effect and precision. Children today are exposed to technology at a young age, and it’s not uncommon to see an infant working managing a smartphone, apps cannot replace traditional building blocks and toys. You may wonder what place classic toys still play in child development. Firstly, young children learn simple concepts such as the law of gravity when their blocks fall or when they’re forced to understand how a round peg fits through a round hole. They are exposed to shapes for the first time in their lives, helping them understand length and width, which will lay the foundation for math skills in the future. As young children begin to babble, much of their talk is centered around the toy in their hand. They learn the art of storytelling, describing the length, width, color, and purpose of the toys they hold.

Norman & Jules carries a variety of colorful toys meant to foster your child’s development in the most natural way. Our toys are made from simple, organic, non-toxic high quality materials, lasting for years after purchase. We take great joy when we see young children begin to explore the world around them through our simple handcrafted artisan toys.



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