DIY & Construction


There is no better way to build confidence in a young child than to hand them the reigns of their very own do-it-yourself project. Whether your child is a toddler, aged 1-3 or of preschool or grade-school age, it is important to give children the power to manage a construction project for themselves. Norman & Jules sees the value in occupying children with DIY projects, as it strengthens your child’s sense of autonomy and self-assurance, having completed a project on their own. Additionally, a DIY project can help develop your child’s thinking and problem solving skills, language and communication, social and emotional growth, motor skills and coordination, and enhance creativity and imagination. In fact, DIY projects are a great way to lay the foundation for teaching your child to play independently and with others, to follow directions and take creative liberties, and to appreciate aesthetics.

In our collection, you will find DIY & Construction kits that will not only keep your child occupied but mentally stimulated as they focus on building projects from scratch. Parents begin to notice as their children show their aptitudes and talents at a young age and wonder how they can foster the development of those talents. Whether your child shows signs of being a future artist or a construction professional, a simple DIY project can help support that child’s development and curiosity, be it an interest in planes, cars, art, and even dinosaurs! DIY projects give children the space and permission to create.

Norman & Jules carries DIY constructing kits for children of all ages, made from materials including wood to metal. We carry toys that are made with the highest quality materials to ensure that your child will enjoy their toys for years to come, or can be handed down to a younger sibling. Our DIY gifts are a thoughtful birthday gift for your children’s friends as well. A DIY project is an ideal way to instill focus and tenacity in your young child as they learn to master a project of their very own.



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