While many parents buy their child a plush doll or animal to provide comfort, the doll can also play a in cognitive and social development. Norman & Jules carries a variety of handmade, true original plush dolls, including families, animals, and accessories that will maximize your child’s play. Each doll has a simple and sweet design all its own, and when paired with your child’s imagination and creativity, anything is possible.

A plush doll or animal has become a great gift for baby showers, children’s birthday parties, and baptisms. What should you get a child celebrating a major childhood milestone? A plush stuffed animal or doll is a fool-proof gift for young girls and boys ranging from newborn to age 10. One of our customer favorites is a doll family set, a toy that can help teach children how to have healthier familial relationships. With inclusivity in mind, we offer an Asian, black, a Hispanic, and a Caucasian doll family to ensure that all children and their families are represented. Each doll has bendable arms and legs, with a simple design that allows children to infuse their personalities and creativity into their play. Each doll and family set is hand stitched, ensuring a true one-of-a-kind specialty doll. Our inventory includes a grandmother, bears, chipmunks, rabbits, and baby girls. Plush dolls are sweet and innocent and children of all ages will appreciate them. They make excellent graduation, holiday, and birthday gifts for adults too!

A plush doll or stuffed animal is an ideal way to support your child’s understanding and awareness of the people around them. Through playing with their dolls, they can try out new behaviors they have seen carried out by siblings, parents, and others in their world. Because childhood dolls can make a lasting and memorable impression on a young child, it is important to carefully consider what you provide for your child. We have found that children immediately form an attachment to our darling, comforting plush dolls and feel confident that yours will too!



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