Heirloom Dolls

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Choosing the perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday, or other childhood milestone can some times feel daunting. Whether you’re shopping for a little boy or girl, you cannot go wrong with an heirloom Doll. They make a sweet gift for adults as well. Norman & Jules specializes in specialty toys, plush stuffed animals, and dolls. We offer unique gifts that you will not find on the shelves of most toy store chains. Instead, each heirloom doll is hand-stitched with love, making a top quality, thoughtful gift that will easily wind up being the child in your life’s favorite pal.

The truth is that not all stuffed animals are created equal. Heirloom Dolls are true artistic originals. Heirloom dolls have stretchy arms and legs that can be folded, tied back, and easily carried anywhere by your child. Because each Heirloom Doll is made with the highest quality materials, you can pass this doll down to other generations, as it will maintain its stitching and shape for years after purchase. Norman & Jules is proud to carry dolls of high integrity. Heirloom dolls serve an important purpose in a child’s life. A stuffed companion will provide companionship and comfort to your little one through their entire childhood. Little boys and girls can personalize their dolls by swapping out clothes and accessories.

If you identify as a minimalist parent who focuses more on quality over quantity, Heirloom Dolls are the perfect toy for your child. With a simple, organic design and aesthetic, your child will not need a toy box full of plastic toys to consume on an irregular basis. Most children play better when offered a few options that are of high caliber.

Whether you are the parent of an infant, toddler, or are in search of that perfect gift for a friend, Norman & Jules offers some off-beat, rare finds that you cannot find elsewhere.



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