Forming an early attachment to a sweet little stuffed animal is healthy for a child. Ask any adult and he or she will most likely be able to recall their childhood stuffed animal that served as their go-to pal, providing comfort and companionship around the clock. At Norman & Jules, we recognize the special role a plush doll or animal can play in the life of a developing child. With a stuffed animal in tow, children are more likely to feel brave in new situations and will use the stuffed animal in everyday play, strengthening social skills and increasing confidence.

Why is a stuffed animal the perfect gift for the child in your life? While young children form attachments to many objects, including a blanket or pacifier, it’s a stuffed animal that helps children develop empathy. They see their plush friend as having feelings and feel compelled to care for their stuffed animal’s basic needs.

For folks unsure of what to buy a young child for their birthday or other childhood milestone, a stuffed animal is a great option. Norman & Jules’ selection includes rare stuffed animals and plush dolls that are not widely available in stores. Well-made, simple, and limited, your little one will have their very own one-of-a-kind plush doll to serve as a loyal companion. Stuffed animals are not only for children – we know many adults who still can’t part with their cherished childhood stuffed animal!

Boys and girls alike will enjoy the selection of plush dolls and stuffed animals in our inventory. Soft and cuddly, they make a great companion for children afraid to sleep on their own or who need a shot of added support during a major life transition, such parents divorcing or an invasive surgery. Children are often able to use their plush friend to express emotions they made not have the ability to verbalize yet. Norman & Jules has a selection of boutique dolls and animals that every child will love.



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