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Toys play a critical role in the way our children develop — mentally, socially, and emotionally. If you are like many parents across the globe, you try to be intentional about the toys, games, and media you expose your child to, realizing that it does indeed make an impact. Norman & Jules simplifies the task of finding high quality toys and learning tools for your children, allowing for one-stop-shopping in one convenient place.


Having children doesn’t have to disrupt your goal of living a simple, intentional lifestyle. Our figurine animals are classic and well made — a throw back to high quality toys of the past.  We carry a large selection of Holztiger brand animal figurines, which have been revered favorites over the years among children and parents worldwide. The Holtztiger animals and other wooden figurines are toys that parents will not mind having around the house. We are proud to provide a selection of high integrity, artisan toys that provide a nice alternative to the mass-produced plastic toys found in toy stores across the country. Tired of toys that easily break and that are potentially dangerous when parts fall off, many parents turn to trusted, classic brands such as Holtztiger & Plan Toys to make sure their child is getting the best quality and safest toy on the market.


Beyond providing our children quality, safe toys, many parents strive to raise their children with a “less is more” approach to life. The figures and animals at Norman & Jules are true originals that will last a lifetime and can be passed down through the generations. Each is handmade, special, and unique. When provided with a few high quality toys, children form attachments and learn to appreciate each one instead of splitting their attention between a large volume of low quality, poorly made toys that clutter the home.



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