Childhood is a time of wonder, excitement, and exploration. From the moment an infant enters the world, he or she is exploring this unknown, foreign space with awe and wonder. As they grow, children continue to test limits, try on new behaviors, and connect to the people around them. The toys we give our children throughout these stages of development have a profound impact on how they see and interact with the world. Norman & Jules has a wide selection of tools that children can use to enjoy the outdoors, fostering imaginative play outside.

As children grow, they often mimic tasks and behaviors they see carried about by the adults in their lives. A 3 piece gardening tool set allows for your child to work alongside you in the garden, taking pride in making a contribution just like mom and dad.

Why is outdoor play important for kids? First of all, young boys and girls alike appreciate the freedom gained from playing outdoors. As we reflect on our childhoods, some of your favorite moments most likely include playing outside. In this new age of technology, we are seeing more and more children tied to their electronics and missing out on the pleasures experienced through outdoor childhood play. The selection at Norman & Jules includes toys that include slingshots and crossbows that will make outdoor play exciting for your child. Teaching your child to love and appreciate the outdoors is easy after introducing a few engaging toys and accessories.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the child in your life, take a look around Norman & Jules. Engaging and even nostalgic for some parents, we make it easy for our customers to search for that perfect gift.



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