Dress Up

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Childhood is a time when most children try on new behaviors and use their imaginations to their heart’s content. Uninhibited and not yet bogged down with the stress of adult life, children will find a way to play, whether with toys or not. Dress-up is one beloved way children play. In an effort to support their creative endeavors, Norman & Jules has a great selection of dress up accessories with young boys and girls alike. With the help of a few simple accessories, kids can be whatever they’d like, be it a queen, a solider, a ballerina, or even a wizard!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of parenting is watching your child develop and grow; physically, socially, intellectually, and creatively. As they learn more about the world around them, their play tends to shift too. As they learn to socialize and take in media, they begin to take on new behaviors, imitating the influences in their life. Dress up can be a fun way for children to pass the time, but it can be so much more. Dressing up as a super hero can be empowering for young kids too. In fact, the mere act of dressing up can help your child through particularly stressful situations. A child who is afraid to fall asleep without the lights on may find strength in wearing a cape to bed.

Norman & Jules has a special selection of dress up apparel and accessories that your child will love! We seek out well made items that can last forever. Parents will laugh out loud watching their child adopt new behaviors and personas with the help of a few fun accessories. As we age, we sadly outgrow play in many respects. One of the major joys of parenthood is the opportunity to re-experience play through our little one’s eyes.



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