Children begin to make sense of the world through what they observe in their own home, which explains why “playing house” is one of the first games kids act out during playtime. With just a few simple toys, children can create an entire scenario that mirrors their home and family life. Norman & Jules has a great selection of toys perfect for playing house. You will delight in watching your children run a household, play store, and bake using a few simple toys. With our selection, children can dream up an entirely new world!

Each piece chosen for the Norman & Jules Home & Shop inventory is classic and charming.  In fact, you may even find a few toys you enjoyed growing up and want to pass onto your child now. By hand selecting each piece, you are guaranteed authenticity and quality in each toy purchased. An aluminum pot, pan, and baking set will give your child the basics to dream up a play kitchen scenario that will keep them and their friends occupied for hours. Whipping up a “make believe” breakfast for mom and dad will help build confidence, strengthen language skills, and will provide a creative outlet. While it may all seem like mere play, children develop language skills, cognitive skills, and emotional skills as they play “house.”  Toys and accessories will enhance your child’s development without adding unsightly clutter around your house.

Norman & Jules opened its doors in 2012 with the intention of providing a carefully crafted selection of specialty toys that are both socially and environmentally conscious. Through a sweet and simple toy, children begin to build the foundation of their identities. For parents who want to avoid clutter in their homes, it makes sense to invest in a collection of toys for their child, instead of buying one-off toys from various brands.

The selection of play toys from Norman & Jules is buildable. Children will enjoy continuing to build their collection of toys to enhance all aspects of play. Parents will enjoy watching their children grow in all aspects as well.



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