Some young children are quite vocal in regard to what toys they will play with and others are quite complicit in what mom and dad puts in front of them for playtime. If you’re in the ladder group, congratulations! If you find yourself a parent of a toddler that is quite opinionated when it comes to their toys, do not fear! Despite the drama, this is often an attempt by your child to assert independence and an attempt to test limits. When it comes to toys, kids and parents alike can agree that Norman & Jules have some of the best options for toys and playsets that cannot be found in commercial children’s toy stores. Each piece chosen for the Norman & Jules inventory is a true original, sure to make your child feel special and unique. Our inventory includes everything from playsets to baby shoes to necklaces, hats, and hair accessories to satisfy every child.

Classic and traditional playsets that both child and parents love can be found through Norman & Jules. We pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly toys and accessories through our brick and mortar store here in Brooklyn, New York and also through a plentiful selection on this site — open to anyone looking for a socially and environmentally conscious alternative to what is sold in chains. Each toy found in our inventory is a one-of-a-kind gem, made from the highest quality, and with practicality in mind. We purposefully choose toys that will promote your child’s development, helping them gain confidence as they learn to build and explore the world around them.

When it comes to toys, children love having options when it comes to play. We have Boxset cars, wooden pick-up trucks, wooden pirate ships and many other themes that will keep your child busy for hours! Through play, children learn to gain confidence, develop fine motor skills, and strengthen their social skills through a few thoughtful toys.



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