Children are inquisitive, creative, and curious by nature. Many parents strive to help their children develop a love for learning at an early age but feel unsure about the practical steps to take. When learning is fun and exciting, children will be more inclined to participate, developing their minds without even realizing it!

Norman & Jules has a variety of different puzzles and games intended to entertain yet also challenge your child’s developing brain. Before your child even begins attending elementary school, parents can introduce simple yet stimulating games to their children that will get the wheels turning in their brains and build a foundation for future learning. Norman & Jules has a large selection of games that will help your child learn letters, numbers, and shapes. We specialize in game sets that are eco-friendly and made from the highest quality materials.

Despite many children’s learning and development games moving online, there is value in classic, hands-on games and puzzles. Children will learn to focus for long periods of time without distraction, build concentration and strengthen their memories. Classic games and puzzles help young people develop manual dexterity that a virtual game simply cannot provide. Through games, children develop their sense of logic and strategy. Additionally, games also provide children with the opportunity to develop social skills, as they understand what it means to “take a turn,” and follow a set of prescribed rules. In every game, young children must learn to be gracious in defeat, which is a good life lesson for us all!

Norman & Jules carries classic games that may send you into nostalgia for your own childhood. Whether you realize it or not, games that you played most likely played a role in preparing you for elementary school, as you began to learn math concepts and tackled the challenge of learning to read. Early exposure is critical to future success, and we pride ourselves on providing the tools that can help set your child up for a bright future.



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