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Childhood is a magical season of life, during which we form our core values and beliefs, develop cognitively and neurologically, and gain social skills that will impact our future relationships in the years ahead. Norman & Jules selects products from independent and small companies around the world that share the belief that toys should support imaginative, organic play and encourage growth in young children.


Recognizing an absence of high integrity, eco-friendly children’s toys and accessories after their daughter was born, Courtney Ebner and Avi Kravitz, both Park Slope residents with a shared passion to one day own a shop in their community, embarked on their dream. In 2012 Norman & Jules, a Brooklyn toyshop was born. Each piece of the carefully edited collection of handcrafted toys is chosen for originality and high play-value for children ranging from infants through the age of ten.


Norman & Jules believes in avoiding meaningless clutter by bringing items into the home that nurture growth in all of its numerous forms — for those who want well constructed, beautifully designed and thoughtful items with an emphasis on being environmentally and socially conscious. Toys should have a connection to nature, using as many natural materials as possible. Norman & Jules believes that toys and décor can also look lovely in your home, paying the utmost attention to esthetics and seeking out treasures that can become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.


In the backyard of Norman & Jules, there is a magical space that invites children to spend time playing, experience the joys of music through sing-a-longs, and celebrate their birthdays with friends and family. Our goal of our play space is to offer children the opportunity to grow, enjoy themselves and learn through play in all its various forms.






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