Welcome! We are Courtney Ebner and Avi Kravitz, husband and wife team and creators of Norman & Jules. We are an award-winning, boutique toy shop located in Brooklyn, New York. We founded Norman & Jules in 2012 with the idea that toys should be thoughtfully designed to best support your child’s development during those magical early years of life. 

Our mission was established after the birth of our daughter in 2010. We wanted the best for her, but had a hard time finding high-quality, responsibly-made toys and clothing. We were relentless in our search for the quality goods we were after—handcrafted, beautifully designed items made to expand little minds and keep tiny toes snug. But we also wanted products that we felt good about buying—made by companies that emphasize safety, use natural, eco-friendly materials, and treat their employees right. 

At Norman & Jules, we’ve assembled a collection of high integrity, heirloom quality goods from around the world for children ranging from infancy to age ten. Our toys encourage imaginative, open-ended play that reinforces cognitive and neurological growth. Our selection of clothing and newborn items—swaddles, blankets and such—are the best of their kind, made from fine materials and often crafted by hand. 

We work with independent and small companies to source unique and ethically-made items that deliver on form and function. Not only are these made to last, but they are also made to look good in your home. We really do want you to feel good about what you’re buying, and we recognize the role aesthetics play in this. We aim to deliver on all fronts.

Our goal has always been to make childhood a truly magical, enriching experience. Our backyard is home to an enchanting space that invites children to spend time playing. For a small fee, you can experience the joy of music through sing-a-longs and celebrate birthdays with friends and family. Our great hope is that this space and our carefully edited selection of toys offers children an opportunity to grow, enjoy themselves and learn through play in all its various forms.


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Norman & Jules
68 Third Street
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