Whether you are a first-time parent or you’ve been through the process a time or two, preparing for the impending arrival of your newborn can be overwhelming. As you read through the list of “must haves” to have awaiting your newborn, you may wonder how you’re going to find many of these items in one place. Norman & Jules is home to a large selection of baby rattle toys, baby burp clothes, bibs for babies, baby crib blankets, swaddles and more.

Norman & Jules is a specialty boutique based out of Park Slope, Brooklyn and cater to members of our local and global community who simply want alternatives to the mass-produced baby gear sold in stores. We handpick each item for its authenticity and originality. For these early moments of a young child, we provide accessories, toys, baby clothing, shoes, rattles, and other items that honor this special moment in your life. Each piece in our inventory is a true novelty.

Because we are city-based, we also understand the desire to keep clutter out of our homes, as space is a commodity and we cannot afford to make room for unnecessary toys. We believe in keeping it simple, when it comes to parenthood and life in general. Our inventory is stocked with the highest quality baby essentials that will last for years, which means you only invest once. For example, one of our wooden baby rattles is handmade in Japan with maple wood. Our baby toys are carefully crafted and made with the highest integrity, so they are not only safe, but also you can store them for your next child or give it away when your child outgrows it. Sweet, simple, with attention to detail, each item is special and truly worthy of your newborn.

Making a home for your new addition does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. You can find everything you need at Norman & Jules to welcome your newborn with warmth and love.



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