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Avi Kravitz

Jan 28, 2024

Elevate Playtime with
Gathre's Climbing Block Sets

In the enchanting world of childhood, every moment holds the promise of growth, discovery, and boundless imagination. Enter Gathre, a brand dedicated to enriching the lives of young adventurers through the magic of play. Today, we invite you to join us on a captivating journey through developmental play, guided by Gathre's premium toys – a collection designed to transform playtime into an exploration of creativity, imagination, and endless fun.

Encouraging Imaginative Play

In the enchanting world of childhood, every moment holds the promise of growth, discovery, and boundless imagination. Enter Gathre, a brand dedicated to enriching the lives of young adventurers through the magic of play. With a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of imaginative exploration, Gathre invites you to embark on a captivating journey through developmental play. Guided by Gathre's premium Climbing Block Sets – meticulously crafted to inspire and delight – this journey transcends mere entertainment, offering a gateway to a world where creativity knows no bounds and every playtime is an adventure waiting to unfold. Discover the wonders of developmental play as children engage in sensory-rich experiences, honing their motor skills, spatial awareness, and cognitive abilities with each interaction. Crafted from 100% vegan leather and a solid foam interior, Gathre's Climbing Block Sets ensure both durability and comfort, providing peace of mind for parents while fostering safe and enjoyable play. Available in chic colorways like Nightfall, Tulle, and Camel, these sets effortlessly elevate any playroom or indoor space, blending style with functionality. Embrace the magic of imagination and the joy of discovery with Gathre's Climbing Block Sets – where every moment is an opportunity for growth, learning, and endless fun.



Encouraging Imaginative Play

Within the heart of Gathre's Climbing Block Sets lies a celebration of creativity and exploration. Versatile shapes beckon children to stack, slide, climb, and build, igniting their imaginations and inspiring a sense of wonder. From constructing majestic forts to crafting intricate pathways, the possibilities are as limitless as the young adventurers' dreams, encouraging them to embark on thrilling adventures and explore the wonders of their world.

4 Tips to Find Comfortable Heels

Know Your Right Shoe Size

It may sound silly, but a 2017 survey by the Podiatric Society found that almost half of the women in the UK alone are wearing the wrong shoe size. Your foot sizes change over the years, especially after having kids. When buying shoes, measure both width and length. A lot of people think it's wide or vice versa and it's not, so make sure to check that out before shopping.

The Thicker The Heel, The Better

Avoid thin heels: the stilettos. These heels often cause your feet to wobble around. If you wear stilettos every day, you may want to consider a chunkier heel style and change it up a bit. Chunky heels don't wobble as easily as high heels, which helps prevent your ankle from snapping.

Try a Shoe with More Top Coverage

The more coverage you have on the top of your feet, the better. Sometimes, you can wear high heels all day and they don’t bother your feet as much. In the summer, you can try something with an ankle strap or a large wide strap over the top. If you are worried about blisters and friction, you might want to try something that covers more of the top of your foot.

Opt for Platform Heels

Platform heels are more comfortable than single-sole heels because the actual heel is shorter than the heel height. The platform also reduces the impact of your feet touching the ground, reducing discomfort. However, thicker platform heels can cause your foot to wobble and your ankle to snap, especially if the platform is very thick and the heel is stiletto. The shoe should be a good ratio between a thick platform and a fitting heel.

Fun Facts About High Heels

Men's high heels are made to be comfortable and look good, so they will replace the standard sneaker as an everyday shoe. Men are also likely to buy more expensive shoes in order to get a better fit and style. The market for men's shoes will grow by 10% every year through 2024, according to Business Insider. In 2023, there will be almost 4 billion pairs of men's shoes sold each year—a nearly 50% increase from 2022 levels!


London is the most fashion-forward city in the world. It's also a good place to shop for high heels for men, as many stores specialize in selling them. The men's fashion scene is growing rapidly, and there are many stores that sell high heels for men. You'll find everything from classic black pumps to sexy patent leather boots or lace-up loafers with chains attached — especially,there are even some sparkly pairs available too!


Tokyo is a city of contrasts, where you can find high heels and sneakers at the same time. It’s also home to some of the best nightlife in all of Asia, making it an ideal place for any man who wants to dress up on a regular basis. If you're looking for something more low-key, there are plenty of other options: Tokyo has some great shopping districts as well as traditional markets where you can get your hands on just about any shoes!


High-heels are one of the most popular fashion trends in 2023. There are many different styles, colors and materials to choose from when looking for high-heels that will make you feel comfortable. In this article we will go over five of the most comfortable high heels available on the market today so that you can find your perfect pair!

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