Raduga Grëz

Raduga Grëz is Russian family run small workshop. Inna founder of Raduga Grëz design toys and her husband Evgenii is in charge of production. 

Raduga Grëz create toys for parents, who want to play with their children in an aesthetically way and not to feel bored about play

The toys are made in Russia, by hand and in small batches. Raduga Grëz produce ethical toys that will never serve a bad example for your children. Using solid wood only grown in their region and buy it from a responsible supplier. They are strongly against wood wasting and they use the wood with marks on it. 

Using just solid wood and non-toxic water based paint or oil. Preserving wood pattern and tactility in each toy.

Raduga Grëz think they look natural, like moles, freckles or stretch marks which people have. The toys are coated with water based varnish which keeps the natural pattern of the wood and preserves its tactility. All our toys are so pleasant to touch.

Carpenters are working in the third generation. Earlier they made matryoshka dolls.  Raduga Grëz control production from the beginning. 

The toys are CE tested and certified.