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Parents are always thinking of ways to support healthy neural development in their children throughout the early years and beyond. We often think of blocks as simply a way to keep our babies occupied, but building blocks can support young children in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Curious about the world around them, infants use toys to wake up to their own senses through creative play. Norman & Jules is home to engaging toys and blocks that will keep your child entertained and developing, without them even knowing it!

Walk through any toy store and parents are bombarded with numerous options for toys they can hand their kids. What makes Norman & Jules different? We carry toys made from sustainable materials that are kind to the environment and that last longer than the average plastic toy. Together with local and international artists, we work to provide inspiring and inventive toys that will leave an impression on the children who use our toys in their play.

In today’s world, we often see young children playing on ipads, smart phones, and other technological devices. Building blocks are the perfect solutions for parents who feel guilty for not having the time to develop activities that will stimulate their children’s neurological development. Children instinctively pick up blocks and begin playing, just as they will instinctively take notice to the television or a brightly colored screen. Whether you are the parent of babies, toddlers, or elementary-aged children, building blocks are the perfect way to keep them occupied and to make education enjoyable. Using blocks together, parents can form deep bonds with their children while helping them develop positive feelings toward learning. Children will arrive at pre-school and kindergarten with prior exposure to shapes and colors through playing with blocks.

Norman & Jules carries the highest quality building blocks found online and in stores. We are happy and excited to share our passion for encouraging play among children with our customers.



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