While some consider playing with dolls and stuffed animals a frivolous childhood phase, childhood experts have found that young children use their cuddly friends to develop empathy and social skills, among many other important qualities. At Norman & Jules we provide parents with a selection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind plush dolls, which will not only keep your child comforted but give them a greater understanding of themselves, friends and siblings around them. Through a sweet, plush stuffed animal your child can enjoy dramatic play and practice their language skills as well. Additionally, children feel a sense of responsibility having been charged with the task of caring for their doll.

Normal & Jules carries a variety of colorful handmade toys, décor, and baby accessories which are BPA free and eco-friendly. Carrying only toys made from sustainable materials sets us apart from other toy shops and ensures that our toys last longer. Because we specialize in artisan toys, there are dolls that are handmade and one-of-a-kind. You cannot simply pick up in the store, among identical copies sitting on the shelves. If you’re looking for a sweet, thoughtful gift for your next baby shower, look no further. Every newborn needs an adorable plush friend to greet them as they enter the world.

Plush dolls and stuffed animals give children the opportunity to make decisions and carryout routines they themselves participate in daily, giving them a sense of autonomy and authority. For some parents, it can be difficult to find age-appropriate dolls that provide positive messaging to their little one. Norman & Jules carries age appropriate, sweet and simple dolls that will help develop your child’s social skills, which they will carry into their play with friends and siblings. Your child will most likely remember their favorite childhood doll, and we have a great selection of the sweetest, cutest creatures for you to choose from in your search.



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